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Untuk mencapai kemampuan mengiringi lagu dalam bermain gitar, perlu mengetahui istilah2 yang terdapat dalam teori dan menguasainya, dalam teknik mengiringi lagu, hal yang perlu diperhatikan adalah tempo, tanda kromatik, tanda ulang, kunci nada, cadence, chord penghubung dan masih banyak lagi. Sedangkan dalam teknik melodi, selain hal tersebut yang paling penting adalah sistem tekanan jari pada dasar nada.

first discussed the sound of each player berbeda. I do not believe that the debate please, please, because every guitar player has different characteristics anatara one with the lainnya.maka be known through some characteristic differences among them are the voice out from gitarnya , tekhnik game, and the mastery of style may panggungnya.yah here dseharusnya voice out into the tekhnik bermainnya.kenapa was every player's voice that is different from the guitar? PG factors, of course, as a habit of blowing big, attention to the debate this most clearly with the acoustic guitar, as if using electrical Sura could have been so natural.seperti example, if I just play for passage without a pickup guitar sound that I produced I have the maximum, because here I still teralalu caution in the play apoyando thrumming better use and alaire.selain the long nails also affect the quality of voice dihasilkan.contoh only fitting that I test the purity to the sound I can always be good value C pengujinya Mr. Arthur Sahelangi and Pak Jubing.maka from just putusin in Grade 6 Yamaha I stop, if I enter Grade 5 tone that must still do not know to get the tone needed to pass the grade 5.nah when using guitar pick diperhatika is a must as a thickness of a pickup (when I use this size 1Mm) ideal.selain good enough to pick the materials such as plastic bad and good, such as rubber semi Jim Dunlop's life, and the angle kemiringan.nah fact that there is the potential the slope angle, because the slope angle will be very influential on the output of keluar.dan also tekhinik such as the downstroke and upstroke, of course, will produce a sound that berbeda.nah to the data obtained here is quite clear what was actually distinguish the sound output anatara player with a The other? essentially was the main factor is just habit, this habit of factors that will make a difference between a one to the other, to tremolno But if I try it I still was not 1 week, but it's the results that I dapetin different views of the usefulness should get the stars to 5 times the debate here I will be very helped best player once when Tuning can shorten the time provided tremolo guitar made it down or turned off at all, I always Tuning denagn without tremolno about 15 minutes, but only 2 with tremolno minutes only, provided that the per tremolo is in such settings rupa.nah here tremolno have the main function of tremolo to shut it down tremolo can diuat only be turned on or kembali.alat is very easy for beginners to use the guitar with a floating bridge.cuma main problem tremolno of this is a very expensive price that the price reached 900 thousand, had the goods on an object that only simple.itupun a new ngedapetin one of the few music stores that ada.dan again if you need the goods out of patience with the wait, I just know Direct import of goods from the sound generated amerika.untuk believe you smell the guitar sound that was soft leur secusa alias neckline with this tool can be impressed by the voice out more rapat.n as there is the use of the piezo, for the active pickup can be a little berasa.walaupun only feel 10 % Of piezo asli.nah to sound yangg generated voice can extend your guitar, because I know what I again find out why with this tool can extend the tone of the guitar saya.nah that the tool is required for a user-owned floating bridge because they do not need to working hard on re-Tuning, all more strings onstage at the end, I have to worry out of tune with the long position is when tremolno down or off as long sekali.duh I was smart I first of compositions.